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Storycodes: M/f; mpov; mc; bond; bagged; latex; catsuit; collar; cuffs; gag; hood; spank; sex; inflatable; pumpgag; tease; denial; tape; breathplay; objectify; trash; climax; rom; cons; XX

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Part 2

“Hey babe?” I heard Sam’s voice echo down the hallway.

“Yeah?” I called back, and when she didn’t answer, got up from my computer and walked down towards the bedroom where she was calling me from.

“So… don’t be mad,” I heard Samantha say in a meek voice

As I walked in, I saw why.

Sam was sitting in the closet, completely clad in her new black rubber catsuit up to her neck, with a black plastic bag gathered up around her. Her arms were crossed up close to her neck, with leather cuffs locked to a ring on her collar.

“You know how I said the urge kinda went away? Well… uh…” she said and smiled up cutely at me while attempting to gesture at ‘all this’ with her wrists bound at her neck. “Surprise… it’s back.”

It had been an interesting month. After the initial session, Sam had been obsessed with playing in full enclosure bondage for a few days, and absolutely wildly horny. It was amazing, but it was starting to interfere with our normal lives a bit, and we had a conversation about whether she wanted something more like lifestyle play and how to balance it all. And then just like that, it passed. She was back to her normal appetite for sex (mostly vanilla at that) and the manic urge she had dissipated. It was a little bit of a relief for me at first but also a sad bit of whiplash. I’d gotten really excited about exploring my deeper fetishes with her, and even ordered her some new gear and an expensive catsuit for her. When it arrived she tried it on, but she didn’t wear it for playtime and it seemed like maybe she was just kinda trying out these fetishes and was over it now.

One night she’d asked if I was disappointed that we’d stopped and switched back to more vanilla play and I swear I only hesitated for a moment, but she knew. She cried and I felt terrible, and tried to explain that all I wanted was to make her happy and get her off in the way that truly did it for her, whatever that was. She felt like she wasn’t doing that for me now, but she just didn’t have the same urge anymore, and she didn’t know if it would come back.

We weren’t totally the same for the next few weeks. Sam wasn’t really interested in sex for a bit, and I didn’t want to push her. I fell into a groove of making my music and writing at night, and she was going to bed kinda early.

Until tonight.

I looked at her, bound in rubber, sitting in the bag, and wondering what the heck was going on, but also very quickly not caring as I got rock hard standing there.

“It came back, huh?”

“Like… way back,” she said, smiling sheepishly up at me again. “And, I know we haven’t been great the last few weeks. I just felt really confused and thought maybe I was going crazy. I was so into all this and then it just felt like you were pushing and I was disappointing you, and… Anyway, I didn’t want to bother you and I felt awkward asking after making you feel bad, but.”

“But the urge hit and you had to be in,” I said, finishing her sentence. It was the same as last time. It was like she became obsessed, and nothing else was important except being trapped tightly inside something, preferably hot, enclosed and sweaty.

“Had to. I mean, I think about what’s happening and I do feel like I’m going crazy, but as soon as I give into it and stop fighting, it’s just the best feeling. I’m just instantly at that beautiful hazy feeling when you find just the right clip of porn, and then it builds but never peaks.

“Okay, so, when you want it, you want it, and when you don’t you don’t. We can definitely work with that, right?” I said, smiling down at her. How could I stay mad at this beautiful girl who’d just rubbered herself up for me and gotten half bound.

She smiled back up at me. “You mean it, you’re okay if this comes and goes?”

“Listen, there’s no hiding that I’m excited by this. Seeing you this way drives me crazy, and I’ve never gotten to play with anyone this way before, so it was a bit of a dream come true. I didn’t mean to hurt you by seeming disappointed when it stopped, but I just had so many ideas of how I could bring you even higher, and all the fun we could have. It’s not that the other stuff isn’t fun, it’s just this has been my secret for so long, I was excited to share it. If you’re telling me there’s a chance this becomes a semi-regular thing, that’s incredible. The other thing you should know is that I’ll never pressure you into anything you don’t want to be doing. If you’re not feeling it one night, that’s entirely your decision, and I’m happy to play any way you want.”

Sam nodded a bit, and I saw a little shudder run through her. She was already hitting her little edgy convulsions she got when she submitted inside her bags, and she wasn’t even locked in yet. Her cheeks had that beautiful blush to them that showed up when she started to get really aroused, and I felt my heart skip a beat.

“So, it looks like you’re ready to be my trash again?” I asked and she nodded. “How’s the rubber suit?” I continued, smiling and genuinely excited and curious. It had cost a few hundred extra to have it chlorinated and rushed, but it was amazing work, and I imagined it sliding and pressing in sensually against every inch of her skin. God I still couldn’t believe this was happening sometimes.

“It’s… oh…” Sam said, convulsing a little with another pre-orgasm, “It feels so good. I just want to wear it forever. It’s like everything is electric. Thank you, I love it.”

“You’re welcome. Now, before I wrap you up and toss you out, let’s talk about what you want. Are you dying to be wrapped up this second, or do you want to get off first, knowing that you’ll be going in the bag after?”

“Ohhh…” Sam moaned, “could we… Could we do both? Could you gag me and put the hood on, take me, and then wrap me up?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said, smiling wickedly. I pulled our bag of toys out of the closet, and Sam closed her eyes and opened her mouth willingly to take the inflatable gag in. I buckled it, and then pulled the rubber hood down around her face, threading the breathing and inflation tubes through.

Finally, I pulled her up and out of the bag she was sitting in, and led her blindly over to the bed. Sam climbed up and pulled her knees under her and presented her shining rubber covered ass up at me, which I rubbed and then began to spank gently. Soon, Sam was moaning and trying to grind against my hand. She was ready.

As I unzipped her crotch and inserted myself inside her, her moans got more insistent, and then I started to pump the gag in her mouth. With each pump it grew larger, and she moaned. I could feel her shudder and clamp down on my shaft with her kegels.

It only took a few pumps of the gag, and a few pumps into her, before we were both cumming hard, with Sam screaming into the gag, bucking absolutely wildly against me.

Spent, I pushed her sideways and laid down alongside her, languidly stroking her sex, amazed that she seemed like she was already building up and might be able to orgasm again.

“Okay love,” I said as I stroked her and she writhed sensually in her rubber suit against the bed and towards me, her wrists still locked at her neck. “Now, a little choice time. Do you want to keep playing and see how many orgasms I can get out of you tonight, or do you want to be locked away in your little plastic prison.”

“MmmmmmMM..” Sam moaned while she pushed up against me. It was clear my work had an effect on her, but I still wasn’t sure what she wanted.

“So, “ I continued, “your choice. Orgasm?” I asked, and pulled my hand away, leaving her arching her back to bring my hand back to her sex. I waited, and she finally shook her head no.

“You want me to keep you wanting, and lock you in?” I asked

“MMMmmm,” she moaned, and nodded a vigorous yes.

“Good girl,” I whispered into her rubber covered ear, and resumed the work with my hand, bringing her ever so close, but not taking her over the edge.

As I slowly took my hand away and zipped the crotch of her suit carefully back up, I could feel heat absolutely blasting off of her. She moaned and whimpered.

“It’s time trash. In you go…” I said and her moans turned into little convulsive “ermf” noises into her gag.

I pulled her up off the bed, and walked her back over to the bags, and guided her to sit down inside them. Next, I got out another one of my surprises I’d bought, some black plastic bondage tape. As I wrapped her, Sam’s rubber covered body disappeared under and even shinier layer of tape, until she was cocooned completely in it. There was no way she was getting out of that on her own.

“Okay Sam, this is it, I’m about to wrap you up inside your bags, and there’s no way you’re getting out of that. You can try, if you want.”

Sam shifted a little, testing her bonds, but the black bondage tape made a creaking noise and barely gave at all. She shook her shoulders and pushed with her legs and feet, but she hardly moved.

“Ready?” I asked, and she nodded again. I began to pull the plastic bags up around her and said “remember, three grunts to safe word and I’ll come get you.”

Sam shook her head no. I looked at her quizzically. Was she saying no to the safe word?

“You’re still good and want to go in?” I asked, making sure before I did her fully up. Again, she nodded an emphatic if sub-spacey yes. “But there’s a problem with the safe word?” I continued, and she nodded again.

“Are you worried? Do you want a different signal?” I asked, and Sam shook her head no.

“Are you saying you don’t want a safe word?” I asked finally, and Sam once again shook an emphatic yes.

I thought for a few seconds. I understood consensual non-consent, but this was beyond my experience, and freaked me out a little bit. How would I know if Sam was really in trouble?

“I tell you what,” I said “I’m not ready to play that way yet, but how about this. Whether you safe word or not is up to you. You can make any noise you want, struggle and scream, whatever, and I’ll promise to keep you just as you are. If you do 3 grunts, I’ll come running. Deal?”

Sam thought for a moment and shook her head yes. I got the distinct feeling that now I’d disappointed her, but I wasn’t ready for the responsibility of hurting someone if I didn’t know what I was doing. Either way, she still wanted to continue with the scene, so I moved along.

“Alright Sam, in you go. I’ll see you in the morning,” I said, closing up the bags and taping them shut, and listening as Sam worked herself up as the air got thinner at the top of her bags where the breathing tube sat. I let her go for a few minutes until she was working herself up towards a panic or a massive cum (or both) and then finally poked the breathing tube through the bag.

She drank the air in greedily and moaned and shuddered as she nearly came once again. I stroked her head through the bag and hood, and she pressed her head against my hand while she moaned, little aftershocks running through her.

I stayed with her for a few moments and waited to see if she safeworded, but she settled back into her routine of gently swaying in the bag, whimpering every so often with a little convulsion.

I tried to imagine getting off that completely and then being right back at the edge, and being able to stay there for hours on end. It sounded incredibly addictive, and I was rock hard once again, thinking of what she was feeling. I knew how delicious rubber and bondage could feel when aroused, and she was getting a full dose of it without ever coming down. Almost instinctually, I knelt down next to her and spoke near her ear, almost whispering.

“You know, trash, seeing you like this, how much you crave it, how much it gets you off, it’s woken something in me. I think if you’re not careful, I might just like to keep you like that.”

Sam’s moans started once more, and I could see her shoulders dip down as her stomach contracted with each wave of pleasure. I continued on, seductively.

“I think, if you’re a really good girl, I could be convinced to keep you like that all day.”

Sam moaned into the gag, convulsing again. And again. Clearly my words were taking her closer to the edge, which excited me even more.

“Maybe, if you really really want it, I’ll even toss you in the trash-can, pack you in there, and leave you until I’m ready to let you out.”

That was it, I’d popped the cork on the champagne so to speak, and Sam came inside her bag, but it wasn’t like a normal cum. She started to shudder and scream into her gag, and managed to almost bounce up off the floor a few times. I caught her as she thrashed and managed to topple over sideways in her bag, and it was as if she’d gone superhuman, trying to fight her way out with all her might. She bucked and pushed and her feet stretched the tape down a little, but ultimately it all held fast. Just when I thought she’d be coming down off the peak, another wave ripped through her, and she continued, screaming, rocking her shoulders, shuddering, and gasping air in great breaths through the breathing tube.

Finally, the endless wave subsided, and she lay there, breathing and whimpering with her continuing convulsions. I waited and stroked her head again for a while as she came back down to earth.

I wanted to ask if she was done, if I should get her out, but she had been so eager to get in and be kept that way, I didn’t want to break the spell and take her out of the headspace. She could safeword if she wanted out.

“Well” I said finally, as I gently sat her back up in her bag atop the pillow I’d laid in the closet, letting her lean a bit against the wall. “I’d say that told me all I needed to know about how you should be kept.”

“Mmmm…” she moaned, and I swore I could see her nod “yes” a little.

I unscrewed the valve on the gag and let a bit of air out so she could keep the gag in longer without hurting, and then stroked her cheek through the rubber and plastic one more time.

“Good night trash… We’ve got a full day tomorrow.”

And with that, I swung the door almost shut and turned out the light.


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